Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday: Two

Hi. Happy Monday. Here's the random scoop:

TMJ Update:

After two weeks and and two days, I successfully chewed something: a brownie. Since then, I've moved on to a slice of pizza (but not the crust), chicken, pita chips [ohemgee with roasted red pepper hummus. NOM!], and a few other things that have forced my teeth to do some work. Eating feels so darn good. Take that TMJ!


If you haven't already heard, California is in a severe drought. For those of you suffering through brutally cold, snowy winters, we're over here dying of thirst. It is sad. My rent went up because of the drought. Also sad to my grad school student wallet. Well guess what? It rained on Sunday! For most of the day, it went from sprinkling to sun to a gentle pour to sun to super cloudy to a drizzle. Nothing too crazy, but enough to make the ground happy. I went for a rain walk and it was so refreshing. This video probably isn't going to look so good. Sorry, I'm lazy and don't feel like uploading it in a different way right now. Maybe just shut your eyes and listen to the rain? Yeah? Ok.


I understand that last week I gave you a Katy Perry song. I do not sit in my room and listen to Katy Perry. I only sit in my room and listen to "Roar." On repeat.

I kid, I kid. Maybe. You'll never know.

Here's a song I do sit in my room and listen to over and over again. Much more my style than KP.

It's a perfect rainy day song. It's a perfect song to drink coffee to. It's a perfect song for well, anything. Gregory Alan Isakov (what a name!) sure does know how to win over my sleepy, cozy, romantic heart.


I started reading The Book Thief a few weeks ago and while I did not want to put it down, I forced myself too. I didn't want it to end too fast. I finally finished it last night. Sigh. Have any of you read it? The word on the street is that the movie was also very good. I guess I'll have to watch it. Sigh.


Two years ago, I was living in American Samoa and hangin' out on cannons 'n stuff when my friend Erin came to visit. We had so much fun. I can't believe this was two years ago or that I was ever that tan.


So this shirt exists. What. 
I mean, guac is amazeballs [what?]. I know. I get it. 
I don't even like avocado that much - freaks me out how mushy it is. [Ironic? Mushy food? No? Ok.]
And then because my curiosity was just too much..I googled it. [ps. why isn't "googled" an official word yet?]
Which led me to this: What.
I'm sorry to disappoint you. It's out of stock.

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  1. I love this song! yay for chewing and the book thief :)