Sunday, December 15, 2013

Shoot Dang//Holy Smokes//Boo YAH!

Oh...hello. Remember me? I'm that graduate student that spent the last month and a half sitting in front of my computer completing well over 45 assignments [yes, I said 45. 45!].


I survived. I officially finished my classes as of Thursday at 11:50 a.m. and I officially finished my assignments as of 6:00 p.m. that night. WHEW.

First semester of grad school = complete. One semester of classes and one semester of working out in the field to go and then I'll be a masta'.

Here is a picture that shows how I felt when I left Spanish class on Thursday knowing I still had hours ahead of me to finish my HUGE MASSIVE PROJECT THAT SUCKED EVERY OUNCE OF LIFE OUT OF ME:

[If this doesn't make you laugh, I don't know what does.]
Here is a picture that shows how I felt Thursday night when I was about to submit my HUGE MASSIVE PROJECT THAT SUCKED EVERY OUNCE OF LIFE OUT OF ME:

I had hit the grad school wall.
[Holy smokes, my hair was short!]
But then I submitted the HUGE MASSIVE PROJECT THAT SUCKED EVERY OUNCE OF LIFE OUT OF ME and I looked like this:

Freeeee, I'm freeeeeeeeeee!
[It didn't really feel like I was jumping off the bridge in Ofu, American Samoa, but still...close enough.] Speaking of American Samoa, which I miss every single day, is a video of the picture above:
[Did you notice how difficult it was for me to get under the wire? Tall girl problems.]
You are probably just ready for me to tell you about the HUGE MASSIVE PROJECT THAT SUCKED EVERY OUNCE OF LIFE OUT OF ME? Well fine. Here goes nothin'
Two of my classes required that I make websites (however I combined them together). One website was to discover and reveal my personal brand...meaning it was all about me, my work experience, my classes, my resume, etc. The other website dealt strictly with a semester long case study of a country's education system. This one was a little trickier because it involved lots of research, chart making, a presentation, and two essays...and then the website. I chose to study the country of Iceland. Iceland? Why Iceland? I chose Iceland because years ago, my mom told me that she always wanted to go to Iceland. At that point in my life, I had barely even heard of Iceland and figured it was a land full of, well, ice. [If you want to take that as a joke, I would highly recommend it.] Throughout the last couple years, Iceland has quickly become a part of my thoughts. I want to go there SO BAD. I follow photography blogs of people in Iceland because the beauty literally blows my mind. One of my favorite photographers (who is currently in Iceland for the gazillionth time) is Chris Burkard. He mainly shoots surfers, but also gets some amazing landscape shots. Here are a few of his pictures:
Also, [I know I'm just delaying this assignment even more], if you want a video version of Iceland, you MUST watch this video:

[I MUST own an Icelandic wool sweater. Life goal.]
I'm done being a travel agent. Although the website was exhausting, challenging, and time consuming, I finished it and I'm proud of myself. Feel free to take a look: Quinn Bolander