Sunday, June 16, 2013

Howdy Y'all: Texas part two

Following Austin, Jerrod and I headed down to Katy. My mom’s brother and his family have lived in Texas most of my life, and the two other times that I have been in the state was to see them. It had been at least 8-9 years since I had seen my uncle, and even more since I had seen the rest. Jerrod and I stayed with my cousin, Connie, her husband, and their son, and we were thankful to be able to stay in their beautiful house!

My trip to Katy wouldn’t have been complete without stepping in fire ants (so not fun), eating seafood, or going to see a movie with Uncle Rick. Hopefully I will be seeing them much sooner this next time around.

My cousin, Priscilla, and I. She took us to a bowling alley where you have a waiter bring you food/drinks right to the lane! Spiffy! I was also awesome and slipped and fell on my very first time whipping the ball down the lane.
My second cousins - they are so much fun!
Trying to get everybody to be in the picture and smile was difficult, but we got close enough! Can't wait to come back soon!
Jerrod and I had quite a packed schedule in Texas and after our visit in Katy (holy BIG houses by the way!), we were off to Rockport, a town right on the Gulf of Mexico. There, I met Jerrod’s dad and step-mom, and they took us on some exciting adventures, cooked us some delicious food, and watched me re-discover how to do something I hadn’t done since I was a kid…
On the first day, we went to a nearby state park to go fishing and kayaking (at the same time!). I learned how to throw a net into the water to catch bait. It was kind of tricky but I did manage to catch a couple minnows, shrimp, and even baby jellyfish. After that, Jerrod and I hopped in the kayaks with some fishing poles and paddled out into a small bay. Yep, Quinn was about to fish, and fish I did! I caught six fish. I was so proud. I baited my own hook, I took the fish off the line (except for one – Jerrod helped), and I saw jellyfish floating around me. Let’s just say that when I was a kid I 1) never touched the bait, 2) never touched the hook, and 3) never really felt like a true fisherwoman. I ended up having a blast at age 25 and loved being on a kayak at the same time! [I forgot my camera for this part. Boo.]
The next day, we drove to Port Aransas - we even had to take a ferry to get there. I love ferries! This was also going to be a big day for me - we were going charter fishing! Before I get to any details...
Jerrod and I hung out in a mouth.
We put on some true charter fishing attire (which I must say is comfortable and sun-proof!)
I prepared myself mentally. I was a wee bit nervous.
It took us about two hours to reach our first fishing spot. Two hours! We were way out there. I enjoyed the view – saw some dolphins! – saw some jellyfish! – saw some oil rigs & tankers. And then we stopped, suddenly. They gave us a tiny bucket of (big) minnows and told us to go forth! We were in red snapper zone! Ummm okay. I took that (big) minnow, stuck it right on my hook, let down my line, and within a matter of less than two minutes, I proclaimed, “OH BUDDY. THERE IS SOMETHING ON MY LINE. IT IS REALLY BIG. UHHHHHHHHH. WHY IS IT SO HEAVY? THIS IS REALLY HARD. OOOOOOOOOF.” And then I reeled it up, Jerrod helped me lift it onto the boat. The charter guide came around and grabbed it as it flopped helplessly on the deck. He asked me if I wanted to keep it. I said, “Sure?” and off it went into the cooler. I’m telling you people, I felt like a pro. At this point and time, I started feeling not-so-well. I had to sit down for a while. Was it the sun? Was it the boat? Was it the mysterious turkey sandwich I ate minutes before getting on the boat? I’ll never know. All I know is that I spent about 3.5 hours out of the 6 hours on the boat feeling ridiculously nauseous. I finally became a cliché and spilled my entire stomach over the side of the boat (four times. FOUR TIMES.) Sorry if that’s too much information. I thought it was hilarious. I laughed. And then I fished. I have never had much trouble with seasickness so I blame it on that turkey sandwich. I think I caught a total of four red snapper throughout the whole trip. I didn’t catch a shark (that was my goal), but other people did! Before I knew it, we were headed back to shore and I was ready to wash my hands and take a shower. I smelled like fish.
Jerrod is really good at fishing. He caught a lot of red snapper. He almost caught some sharks but they kept taking his bait.
So, this is me standing on a fish. I am so not a fisherwoman. I caught it (after sounding like a tennis player...lots of oofs and ughs were squealed as I tried to reel it up...those little suckers do not want to be caught...I don't blame them.) I am proud of this picture because this is so me. The stupid fish was flopping around and I didn't know how to pick it up without it sailing over the boat or slapping me in the face, so I stepped on it. "Okay, Jerrod, take my picture." Typical me. Dad and Connor: at least be proud that I caught it!
Enjoying the ride back to shore. I was highly in need of Gatorade. Puking off a boat will leave you desperate for some electrolytes.
Thanks Walter and Lorraine - we had a blast!
The entire boat's catch. There were quite a lot of people on it. There's a limit to how many fish each boat can bring in so these are the keepers. SHARKS!
My first fish and the only one I saved. Notice I was told how to hold the fish - by the eye sockets (it helped that it was no longer flopping.)
Grumpy fish, happy Q. This picture makes me laugh.


Mmm fish. It stunk in there and it was full of men. P-U. I was outta there in search of fresh air. I found some and saw another dolphin. Win! {I took a fish guts picture. I'll spare you with it though because I don't want you to puke. I thought it was fascinating.}
I am so not a fisherwoman but I was proud that I caught some fish. I had a lot of fun and would definitely go on a charter tour again!


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