Monday, June 17, 2013

Howdy Y'all: Texas part three/MIIS SILP orientation day

After Rockport and Port Aransas, Jerrod and I spent a few days in San Antonio. We walked the river walk and had a fancy breakfast, we went to a movie, we walked around, we spent the night with Jerrod’s good friend and his girlfriend, we grilled the red snapper (yum!), and I learned how to play Blackjack. I kept winning all the rounds – beginners luck?

Trying to catch the sunrise with my film camera. Taken by Jerrod.
In my happy place in San Antonio. Vanilla malted pancakes, coffee, Jerrod, and a full day ahead of exploring. Taken by Jerrod.

After San Antonio, we headed back to Austin for the last few days before I flew to CA. Jerrod and I spent time with his family (once again, so thankful to have been able to stay with his mom and step-dad!), we walked down Congress Street (umm there was a cupcake food truck! ee!), we went paddle boarding (so much fun!), had more cold brew coffee, and enjoyed our last few days together.
 Jerrod's 6 year old niece took this. Future photographer? I think yes.

Before I knew it, it was June 11 and we were at the airport. Time goes by fast when you are having fun! I loved our trip together and I already told him how excited I am to go back. Yes, we’re doing the long distance thing. We can handle it and we’re both really supportive of each other which helps immensely!
Fast forward to now and I am in Monterey. The past few days have gone by pretty slowly. I am eager to start school, meet people, and have a schedule. There is a lot to discover in this city by the sea and I cannot wait to see what the year or two holds for me.
Farmer's Markets are a plus!
I am no longer in IL.
Foggy and overcast days are perfect for day-dreaming of boats (minus the red snapper puking experience)

Today is my MIIS SILP (Monterey Institute of International Studies, Summer Intensive Language Program <- WHAT A MOUTHFUL) orientation. Let graduate school begin!

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