Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monday: Nine

Hi. Happy Monday Tuesday. I understand that I missed my random blog post yesterday:

hashtag grad school probs

seriously. grad school problems = 5 million assignments, job searching, exhaustion, all the chocolate & coffee & cheese, and losing my mind.

hashtag fun
hashtag someone bring me cake

Anywho. Here's what I was up to a few weekends ago (cause I really don't want to bore you with more grad school probs or fake hashtags).

My friend Abby came to visit! Anytime the two of us are together is a great time. Abby loves to hike. Abby loves to eat. Abby loves to laugh. Abby loves to do ALL THE THINGS I LOVE TO DO! Perfect friendship. We had a blast. I ran after her car when she left (hashtag not).

Because hanging out in bathtubs in the wilderness is not something most people have done.

From where we stood

We went hiking in Garrapata State Park & it was gorgeous - it drizzled a bit but was mostly cloudy (which always brings out the colors!)

This would not be a good place to trip on a rock. 

Hiking selfie

This is where we stopped for our picnic - not too shabby

I look at this picture and can't believe I am leaving California soon. It's so dang beautiful.

The trek up to this spot wasn't easy, but it was so worth it.

A reward for hiking was this gigantic slice (this picture does not do it justice - it was huge) of Peanut Butter Cup cake from Rosine's. I'll let you decide if we ate it all in one sitting or not.

We had a mini AmSam reunion with Drew. We of course went to a island themed restaurant and it was delicious in every way. These two really make life fun. So happy we are friends!

We had a picnic on the beach in Carmel, complete with three different cheeses from The Cheese Shop

I'm lucky to spend almost a year of my life here [not the beach, sillies, but you know what I mean...maybe]

Until next time, Gail!


  1. Pringles??? Looked like the best weekend!

  2. Yes! I made the blog! hashtag blogfame

  3. Wow! Where have I been? Didn't realize there was a "Quinn in California". Feel like I've missed half the movie. And I love your long walks and you. AJ