Friday, July 5, 2013

I love visitors!

When I lived in American Samoa, I would wake up some mornings and wish that someone from home was there to share the beauty, life, and bananas/papaya/limes the size of baseballs/(nostalgic for fruit much?). I understood that flying to a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean isn’t something that most could afford, so I blogged about it and pretended like my friends and family were there to experience it with me. January came around and how lucky was I when I found out that my good friend, Erin, was going to be studying in New Zealand…and was coming to visit me! It felt so great to have her there, to talk to her about things and people from home, and to reminisce about our times together during our undergrad study abroad in NZ.

Flash forward to now, and I must say, that I am lucky once again. Drew is here, several weekends ago, Abby and Doug were here, and last weekend, two of my closest friends (who also happen to be husband and wife!) came to visit! Here’s my story of Libby and Jack:
Sophomore year of college, fall 2008: Being an English major (with a writing focus!), I was required to take several literature courses. Most English majors swoon over courses dedicated to reading – I however, did not. Not one bit. You see, I had (and probably still have) this little problem with not really understanding (or having a strong desire to understand) the concept of “reading between the lines,” and finding the “deeper meaning” of books and stories and novels and basically anything written. Not only am I not good at digging into books, I just don’t want too! I LOVE to read. [In fact, I love it so much that the only New Year’s resolution/goal thingy I’ve ever made and stuck too is to read 35 books in 2013! I have already read 18. I’m gonna make it!] I just love to read for the pure act of reading. That’s it! I was a weird English major, and I understand this now.
ANYWAYS, I walk into my American Literature class in fall 2008 and sit down next to a girl I recognized from our college newspaper staff. Turns out, the girl’s name was Libby and in about two days (or maybe even one day, I knew I’d found a keeper.)  I ended up disliking the class (go figure) but at least I had Libby! Since that day, Libby and I have gotten really close (although most of our friendship has been a long distance relationship!) While I was in New Zealand, she was in the Galapagos. While I lived in Elmhurst, she lived in Chicago. While I lived in Sycamore, she lived in Cedar Rapids. While I lived in American Samoa, she lived in Panama. While I lived in Sycamore (again), she lived in Minnesota. GUESS WHAT! WE BOTH LIVE IN CALIFORNIA NOW! I know. So exciting.
What’s even more exciting is that this past December, she married Jack. Jack is amazing. I love him and more for being such a kind, happy, loving, hard working guy. He is also an incredible friend and husband. I was a bridesmaid in their beautiful Chicago wedding, and I was so excited that I got to spend a beautiful few days with them.
Jack and Libby currently live in Palo Alto which is only about 1.5 hours away by car (however, California traffic is ridiculous and it took them a little longer.) Last Saturday, they drove down here and we had an incredible day together! We ate a delicious lunch, spent several hours soaking up some sun and catching up, ate a delicious dinner, had a good night’s sleep, and ate a delicious breakfast before they headed home. I love having friends that love to eat good food. It’s the best. I was so happy to have them here and while I was sad to see them go, it is nice to know that they are so close.
Libby was such a beautiful bride - I mean, STUNNING. I loved being able to watch her walk down the aisle! (Photo by Kristen Lynn Photographie)

Everything about their wedding was amazing. The wedding party was also ridiculously fun.
(Photo by Kristen Lynn Photographie)
Enjoying the beach (and amazing sun!) in Monterey. Does anyone else think that Libby and I look alike? We think so. (Photo by Libby!)
In other news, Spanish is still Spanish. I'm learning a lot. I'm dancing a lot (my teacher loves to turn music on in the afternoon and teach us all sorts of dances...anything that let's me shake my hips is worth my while! maybe someday I will learn how to Salsa for REAL!) It is a really great class. I do get overwhelmed, but it feels good to actually be a student and to be learning something! Adios!

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  1. So glad you and Libby have "alit" in the same corner of the world for a while! You were two of my favorite students...but don't tell the others! ;) Please tell her I said hello. I'm loving your blog, Quinn!