Tuesday, May 13, 2014

[Tuesday]: Thirteen

Hi. Happy Monday Tuesday. Here's the random scoop:

Let's Talk Jobs:
You already know my obsession with HuffPost Taste. I am li-ter-ah-ll-y obsessed. The columnists are basically me in someone else's body and life. They write how I think. They write how I want to write. They think how I think. They really need to hire me. I check their job page every so often and have yet to see a "Job for Quinn" entry. Lame. 

Here's where I introduce BuzzFeed Food & all it's glory. I've mentioned BuzzFeed on here before, but this...THIS sealed the deal as to why BuzzFeed should also hire me: 12 Donuts

I love donuts. And BuzzFeed. And a 12 donut challenge - I could totally do it.

Let's talk school:
I finished up my last two assignments! I'm DONE with homework (for now). I still don't think it's hit me though because I feel anxious. Am I forgetting something? I still have to go to five classes but no work for them. Sah-weet. It feels like just yesterday when I was walking on campus for the first time.

Let's talk summer:
Campfires, lightning bugs, ice cream cones melting in the blazing sun, the smell of sunscreen, sunset walks, burgers on the grill, tank tops, swimming pools, Summer Shandy, freshly cut grass, road trips... anything else you'd like to add to this already glorious list?

Adventures in Andrew Molera State Park

A few weekends ago, my friend Drew and I hopped on a bus that took us down Highway One. We decided to spend the afternoon in Andrew Molera State Park. It was a sunny, breezy, beautiful day for enjoying some quality time outside. We hiked on an incredible ocean-side, bluffs trail that gave us some stunning views. We saw snakes [cue girlish screams], lizards, pelicans...and even some horses (they weren't wild). It was a great day and here's a little visual recap:

The trail literally started in water - we got to cross this little stream! Shoes off & feet in the water!

The only part of this little guy that came into focus was his back & feet. He was super speedy.

We did not have a bad view.

Mhmm, yep.

I sure am going to miss the ocean.

I'll also miss adventures with this guy.

The trail - haven for snakes. [cue girlish screams]



Drew's photography. Can't even keep a straight face. 

WHYYY so beautiful

I want to blow this up and put it on my bedroom wall. Who needs paint?


An absolute winner

Hiking selfie [photo by Drew]

Crossing the stream! He didn't slip.


Stay Tuned:
Another photo blog coming toward the end of this week

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