Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday: Twelve

Hi. Happy Monday. Here's the random let's celebrate Cinco de Mayo scoop:

Do you know why Cinco de Mayo is celebrated? I sure didn't, so I did a little search and discovered why this holiday is celebrated: History of Cinco de Mayo My mom always took Connor and I to our hometown's amazing Cinco de Mayo festival when we were growing up. A mariachi band, tacos, face painting, games...what more could a kid want? Last year, I got to participate in the festival as an adult, and I tell you what --> margaritas are the perfect start-to-summer drink (okay, they're a perfect start for any time)!

Last year's festivities - admit it, you always eat the lime I know Libby does :)

How was this a year ago? HOW? So fun.

Tequila for DAYZ:
My favorite website aka the Huff Post Taste, published this increíble article with different cocktail recipes you can create with tequila:   Huff Post Taste - MARGARITAS! Drooling over these:

The Barfly Cocktail via Verses From My Kitchen

Blackberry Lime Margarita via Gimme Some Oven

Burrito Lovin:
When I think back to senior year of college, one thing I can remember is my cross country team's obsession with Chipotle. I swear we would go there at least once a week (sometimes even twice). We would sit in a booth in the back, chow down, and laugh. It feels like forever ago, but there was some true love between us and our burritos. I couldn't help but die laughing when I found this last night:

I'm tempted to put this as the background of my computer.  It's that good.
See more here: Love & Burritos with BuzzFeed (PLEASE CLICK THIS!)

That's all I've got for today, folks. I'm headed into week one of finals. I don't have any tests but I do have presentations and papers to work on. Only six more days of classes and I'm done. Whaaat?!

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