Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break!

Hi. Happy Monday. Sorry for skipping out on the last two Mondays...I was enjoying my spring break at home with my friends, family, Jerrod, and Massey! Instead of my random Monday scoop, here's a quick recap of what I was up to in IL:

Reunited with this guy & Portillo's!

Finally got to enjoy some country walks with the boys

Massey was introduced to his first combine...tire. Anyone notice the irony?

Massey is huge. He once weighed 10 pounds. Now he weighs 50. He still has over a year and a half to grow. Big boy.

I ate my fair share of donuts. This one was definitely my favorite. That would be M&Ms.

Jerrod and I took snowboarding lessons. This is me looking like I know what I'm doing. What I'm not showing you is the countless falls, the bruises, and the very sore tailbone and butt. It was a blast, though!

Jerrod was a snowboarding pro. 

Eventually I switched back to skis so we could go on more than just the bunny hill. 

I hung out with my mom. We had lots of coffee, drove around a lot (maybe got lost), did some shopping, ya know, mom and daughter things!

Hung out with Connor! Danced. Ate. Had some brews. Laughed. 

Reunited with two of my favorite girls!

Spring break was an absolute blast! I didn't touch my homework (meh). I hardly went on the internet. I enjoyed every second. Before I knew it, my time was up and I was headed back to California. Thanks for the fun times, everyone!

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