Sunday, September 29, 2013

A mostly love but sometimes "ARE YOU SERIOUS!" relationship

This is not a post about Jerrod. I happen to love him a heck of a lot more than "mostly" and I never question our relationship or speak to him in capital letters. Instead, this post is about a mammal, a sea mammal to be exact.

I live about a 10 minute walk to the local beach. If you walk down the beach toward the downtown area of Monterey, you'll eventually start hitting the wharfs (wharves?), one of which is Fisherman's Wharf. FW is a tourist spot, but also a great place to stroll on a sunny afternoon, a place to sample the clam chowder, a place to participate in all day/every day happy hour. FW is also a place to spot some of the local sea and wildlife...aka seals and sea lions. They swim around and lay in the sun all day every day (what a rough life), and it's fun to watch them while you sip a $4 PBR (because that's the best happy hour deal I have yet to find on the wharf...$4...sigh.) Anyways, besides watching them enjoy life in the Monterey Bay, it's also amusing to listen to them. They make the craziest noises and I suppose you could call it barking. I don't understand how they don't lose their voices because I tell you what - But whatever, it's their thing. Makin' noise, swimmin', sun bathin'.

I forget about them once I walk away from the wharf. I forget about them when I'm at school. I forget about them when I'm at Trader Joes. I forget about them when I'm sitting here at my desk, in my room, with the sun beating down on my typing fingers. You're probably wondering what the point of this post is...well, the point of this post is to tell you about the one time I don't forget about seals and sea lions.

I usually go to bed between 10-11 every night. I'll be getting ready for bed, I'll turn off the lights, set my alarm, and nestle down...and then...AND THEN.


It's ridiculous. I live 1.4 MILES away from where the seals/sea lions live and it sounds like they are right below my window, swimming and lounging in my next door neighbor's pool. I try to just ignore them, I do, but I fail every single time. I don't know why they get so loud at night. It must be their way of keeping warm once the sun goes down. I don't know. Either way, I've learned my lesson to just shut my windows when I go to bed or else I won't get any sleep.

Darn those cute sea creatures.

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  1. Kind of like those darned roosters outside your bedroom window at home, crowing at 4:15 am. Great blog, Quinn! Very funny!