Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to Reality

When I last wrote, I was cramming for my Spanish placement test. Now over a week later, I am happy to say that I survived [although I have yet to get my score and without the score I can't register for my fall Spanish class - hurry it on up, MIIS!]. I sat down to take it shortly after 9:00 a.m., and after getting it set up, I was told I would need a microphone. For some reason, my computer has a webcam but not a microphone [if someone can tell me the purpose of one without the other, i'd love to hear it.], so I had to pack up all my things and find someone who had a microphone I could borrow. By the time I found one, I had to download Moxilla Firefox. I then had to download a "secure" browser through Firefox that wouldn't allow me to open any other tabs while I was taking the test. I then had to put a Spanish keyboard on my computer and OH MY SALSA was I getting frustrated. I didn't start taking the test until after 10:30, and it was ridiculous. I won't get into details because it's not really that exciting, but whatever, it's done! But now can I please have my score?

And then I went to Texas. I can't sleep on planes. I can take mini naps but they are restless and uncomfortable. I get so jealous of people who can fall asleep the second they sit down and wake up as the plane lands. Lucky them! I took a red eye flight to Austin and I was all full of butterflies the whole time so I definitely didn't get any rest. By the time the plane landed, I was itching to run through that airport to see Jerrod. My heart was unbelievably happy to reunite with him and we couldn't wipe the huge grins off our faces the entire six days we spent together.

For those of you who have never been to Austin, I highly recommend it. While it is a big city, it's also a fun, vibrant, colorful place full of art, cafes, restaurants, and adventure. One minute you could be sitting in a coffee shop drinking delicious cold brew [which you got for free because the waiter was from Iowa!] and the next you could be hiking in a forest or paddle boarding on a lake. Swoon. Love it. Miss it.

It was nice to spend more than a day in the city too - Jerrod took me to places I hadn't seen yet but we also returned to places we had visited two months ago aka our favorite food/coffee spots: The Buzz Mill and Austin Java. We are obsessed with cold brew coffee. OBSESSED.

Because we love food and trying new places, we also visited Pinthouse Pizza and fell head over heels in love. The pizza was amazing and made with fresh ingredients. We tried a pale ale that had been brewed with organic Texas peaches. So delicious. The atmosphere of the restaurant was also fun - big picnic tables, good tunes, awesome wall decorations, and nice servers. Other spots included Halcyon [blackberry mojitos. that is all.], Strange Brew [melt in your mouth cinnamon rolls and sipworthy drip coffee], and Kerbey Lane [breakfast at midnight? yes please.] Jerrod and I really enjoy food. [Can someone hire us to eat at restaurants for a job? I will write reviews and he can take pictures.]

When we weren't stuffing our faces, I hung out poolside and read while Jerrod taught swim lessons, we hiked up cliffs, we waded through a creek, we watched movies, we went for drives, we went on a spontaneous trip to Enchanted Rock [and oh my nachos was it amazing. AMAZING. I was in awe. Still am. Always will be. Whew.], we went to farmer's markets, we took his niece to A&W to try root beer floats for the first time, we walked through stores...and it goes on and on. We stayed busy for those six days!

Eventually it was time for me to make the trek back to CA. Bummer. Back to reality and back to school! Now that I am back in Monterey, I have been readjusting to the weather [I can't believe I am admitting this, but I have the heat on. Gotta love it...], and also readjusting to the fact that MIIS isn't so quiet anymore. New student orientation is this week and there is a big group of us trying to figure things out. I'm thankful that I had the summer to get my bearings around here! I register for classes on Thursday and the semester will start next Monday. If all goes well, I will be taking 16 credits this fall. To put that plain and simple, I'll be taking 7 classes! 7! What the margarita! That's a lot of classes. The most I ever took in my undergrad was 5. This is going to be a busy year, but I am excited to learn more about my field!

I better get some sleep while I can - thanks for tuning in! Adios!

The city on one side, the sunset on the other.

At the top of Enchanted Rock. Hands down one of the most amazing places I have ever been. I just can't get over how random, beautiful, and crazy this place is. The sunset was stunning.
Wading in Barton Creek!


  1. Oh My Salsa!! Haha Pretty rough language for you, Quinn!

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